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The Ron Sedgwick Memorial Award
for Soul Surfer of the Year

This Years Soul Surfer Award goes to Sara Bevan for her encouragement and inspiration

A well deserved win for Sara, most would agree.
The award is presented by Surf4theSoul to the nominated candidate who receives the most votes from the club members for their inspiration to others, their dedication to surfing and their attitude both in and out of the water.
Sara is always there encouraging others to just do it, enjoy it and always has a great big smile on her face for all who surf with her. She’s a credit to the Club and a great inspirer and role model for all the ladies who surf, or aspire to.
She’s the first one to encourage you to get in, and she’s the first one to share the waves with you.. Even surfing Shanklin Stink Pot on a 2ft sloppy day was great fun with her while were on the Island.. And as one of the island surfers said to me.. Sara’s the epitomy of Soul Surfing.. Her smile says it all..she just loves it and makes everyone else enjoy it, just by being in the water with her.

The contest was closely called with other nominee’s such as Darren Hall coming a very close second. It was said of Darren, he has a great personality, Very keen Surfer in all conditions, Friendly in and out of the water, One of the nicest guys around, I couldn’t agree more.. Well done Darren.

Others nominated were..PT Pete Urquart, He is a man of many words and owns more boards than anyone else. We love him to bits.. Love him or hate him he puts back into surfing more than he takes out and he owns more boards than anyone.
Andreos Martens..Local Lad loves to surf always late for work cus he's in the water and fun to be around..Coz he's down to earth and a lovely person and a very good surfer. Always friendly and never brags about anything…..well…..haha! He surfs for pure enjoyment and he is very good! Definitely a Soul Surfer (ed

Russ Pierre .. He has sorted life out, work all winter to surf all summer, Plus many surfs in Brighton in 1' slop!! Living the summer in a van to do something he loves.. Surf!
Oliver Smith ~ One of our junior members..Surfs a single fin, retro board at such a young age, and surfs it like its meant to be surfed on shoulder to head high peelers.
Tristan Jenkins .. Another Excellent surfer
Keith Prowse.. 37 years surfing Sennen and Gwenver, a local's local known by all for his attitude and dedication. No Logo's, No Fuss just a SURFER!
Kirstin Gorvin.. Fully dedicated no matter what the conditions, stylish as hell on any board big or small old or new always smiling.
Richie Emerson.. Because he has gone out of his way to help many with their surfing, he is a fantastic surfer and teacher and the bestest friend!
James Parry.. Because he is in the water all the time and everytime I see him he has a huge grin on his face! He is enthusiastic and has a huge energy and love for surfing which shows! And he is a cool, lovely,brill friend.

Fantastic effort everyone.. Thanks for participating in the nominating and voting.. Bloody well done all of you!!

Mel Sedgwick.

Soul Surfer of the Year 2004-5

Sara on a nice Left at Sennen

Presented with the Surf Curl Trophy for Soul Surfer of the Year 2004 by Pete Gill Last Years winner

A Proud and well deserved winner







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