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The Ron Sedgwick Memorial Award
for Soul Surfer of the Year

This Years Soul Surfer Award goes to Pete (the yank) Gill for his inspiration

In the Middle of August 2003, at a time when I would normally have been surfing with good friends, I was sadly attending my fathers Funeral in the North of England. He lost his battle against Cancer and died at St James' Hospital in Leeds at the age of 73.
He was a photographer and a waterman, his own Grandfather being the Lighthouse keeper at Flamboro in East Yorkshire for many years. He loved to take photographs of us surfing and spent many hours sitting at the beach cafe in sennen cove watching the sea.

On my return home the friends I always enjoyed surfing with tried hard to get me back in the water, and eventually succeeded and I realised their words were true, Out there on the waves everything becomes much clearer, and I decided I wanted to make some kind of Gesture, a memorial to my Father and a tribute to the great guys who go out there and surf in all weathers and conditions, just for the pure fun of it.

I spoke with a few of the Boys about this and we decided on the Surf Curl Trophy, and I approached Daryl Nichols with an Idea.. The Surf Curl was created by Him from reclaimed driftwood and the Trophy was made.

I already knew who should be the first recipient of the Award, a couple of days after I'd returned from the funeral, I'd seen Pete (The Yank) Gill out there on the waves and thought of how he'd inspired so many surfers of all ages to 'Just Do It' I spoke with people after this and asked a Question? If you were asked to select one person who you see as a 'Soul Surfer' someone who just goes out there and rides the waves and enoys every moment, someone who inspires and encourages others and someone who thrives on the Love of surfing who would it be? There was One Reply! THE YANK!! Pete Gill

It Had to be, and he reminded me so much of my own Father in so many ways, a great Personna, loved by all who met him and an inspiration to young and old.. Pete would surf with the kids and Groms or the Old boys and have equally as much fun, He'd surf with the Pro's and aid the beginners and all respected him.. Pete had to be Soul Surfer of The Year 2003

Rich Emerson, myself and Russ Pierre approached Pete and told him of our Decision and he was overwhelmed, and at the Annual Watermans Dinner at The Old Success Sennen Cove on Saturday the 8th Nov Pete was Presented with the Soul Curl Trophy in recognition of his inspiration and achievement and in Memory of My father.

For me, putting the award together and seeing an idea turn into such an amazing Trophy (Thanks to Daryl for his craftsmanship and help) lifeted me out of the grief of my fathers Death and made me feel like I'd done something Really worthwhile in his honour.

My Sincere Gratitude to all who helped me in putting this award together and My Heartfelt Congratulations to Pete Gill.. Soul Surfer of the Year 2003

Mel Sedgwick.

Pete Gill

Pete gets a winners Cuddle from Sennen Beauty Claire




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