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The Unimitable Kelly Slater - image from Surfline

Kelly Slater

Kelly Slater has been called the greatest surfer of all time. In the decade he's been competing on the Association of Surfing Professional international circuit, he's been world champion an unprecedented six times. He's earned over three-quarters of a million dollars in prize money and more than four times that amount in sponsorships, endorsements and bonuses.

His surfing style, technical ability and intuitive knowledge of the ocean are simply amazing—a synthesis of all the very best he's absorbed from watching others during his 22 years of riding waves, plus his own unique talent, skill, creativity and sheer athletic excellence.

But as if that were not enough, he's also been a guest star making regular appearances as an actor on the world's most watched television show, and he's an accomplished musician in a band that has recorded for a major music label, and appeared live on the same bill as Pearl Jam.

By the accounts of all who know him, compete against with him in pro tournaments, or are simply fans who've had the pleasure of meeting him or surfing with him in person, he's an extraordinary human being, and an international ambassador the like of which the modern sport of surfing has never before been privileged to have represent it.

But big adjectives and all the accolades the sport has to offer don't do justice to this guy... simply put, Kelly Slater is one hell of a surfer.

After racking up 5 world titles in a row, Slater has eased up and surfs only a few ASP events, choosing instead to concentrate on surfing the world's best waves anytime he wants, effectively bowing out of the championship race... at least for now.


- Scott Hulet extract from Surf History

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