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Jed Surfing in the Masters division at Fistral Beach 2009 - image from Splashography

"Having now surfed in Nigeria, Kenya, Sri lanka, Bali, Maldives, Seychelles, Mauritius ,Puerto Rico, Peru, France, Spain, Portugal, Morrocco, Gibraltar, Italy, Ireland, and good old England, Scotland, Wales. I consider myself to be extremely lucky, always having done it on a shoe string and many in times when surf travel was in its embrionic stages ..ie not many fellow surfers about. I must add there are quite a few countries I still have on my tick list to visit but that is the future."

Jed still has a few competition goals to attain. To attract a sponsor who can support him to attend the next ISA World Surfing Championships... This inturn will keep his fitness level high enough to keep in the water and to be still enjoying the ride!

Jed Stone

Jed has moved with the times from the early competition days which were pretty low key, to what now is a multi million pound industry.

Says Jed;
"The changes have been immense but at the heart of it all mother ocean stays the same... allthough she may be little bit more crowded.
I still today enter competitions not only in age group categories but open events such as the UK Pro Tour....the reason is I feel that it keeps me fit, I stay focused, I maintain a level of surfing that does not frustrate me.... ie I still feel that I am progressing.... in fact I actually feel that i am currently surfing the best I have ever surfed.

So when when it comes to freesurf sessions I still to this day go in whether it's 2ft onshore or those days when you stand looking out at corrugated iron lines to the horizon, with that sick adrenaline feeling in your stomach and the buzz of excitement in the air... I'm in there!"

From the early days of September in 1972, when Jed took to the water for the first time on Brother in Law Richard's home made surfboard to be pulled into waves and enjoy white water wipeouts a plenty, through 38 years of the Worlds Oceans sliding under his feet, to achieving no less than 37 championship wins including 8 times British Legends Champion and 5 times English masters Champion, Jed has been an inspiration to many and was this year honoured as Britains most inspirational surfer.

Jed's place in these hallowed halls is marked in Stone and no other Surfer deserves to be here more. With a Championship win for every single year of his surfing life, Jed's place has been well and truly earned as a true surfing Legend.

A Loving and Devoted family man with a heart as big as his smile, a true inspirational surfer a good friend and a real gentleman of Surf...

Mel Sedgwick Splashography.com

Check out Jed's Own Website Here - Also check SurfMasters.co.uk

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